Man jailed over smear campaign against mp’s family

Man jailed over smear campaign against mp’s family

Katherine Ashton condemned MPs who attacked Jeremy Corbyn’s former MP family over his support for Brexit.

The Labour leader said such attacks amounted to “hateful and hateful and ugly bullying” aimed at damaging public trust in MPs.

Speaking to Channel 4’s Good Morning Britain on Friday night, Mr Corbyn said many of his family had suffered the attack on his mother Cathe포커rine.

“My father Peter was attacked, he was made to wear a uniform by the Metropolitan Police. He had his photo taken in front of the press, and of course my other father Ed served with the police,” he said.

“Now they’re going to do something like that with my mum.

“I’ve had a couple of really nasty and hateful attacks over the last couple of years. I haven’t got anyone I want to be able to point to that has really abused me in any way.

“I’ve had people saying the biggest enemy of the Labour party would be Peter. My dad Ed was an excellent MP in the 1960s, with extraordinary integrity, and you could see he had a great respect for everyone in the Labour party.”

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In a further sign of mounting anger, another Labour MP said the Labo아로마 마사지ur leadership was “becoming a dangerous experiment in dictatorship”.

In a column in the Evening Standard, Chris Bryant alleged that Mr Corbyn had not done enough to condemn the violence committed by some rightwingers in the wake of the Brexit vote.

“It now seems like a dictatorship where every rightwing hate organisation is in charge of a website, that they are on Twitter, that they have the Facebook pages, that they have an online message board, and that they have put on buses all over England with placards saying ‘Bite us, bite our heads off’,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Mr Miliband said he was “appalled” by his own family having to bear the brunt of the attacks.

“My mother, my father, they are suffering for Jeremy C성남출장샵orbyn, because they are fighting the good fight of fighting to keep Britain out of the EU,” he said.

“So my mother must look down on some of the attacks that go on in terms of Jeremy Corbyn’s family, because now they have got to fight against those attacks that get on this family.”

Mr Miliband said he “hoped” the polic