Fears dengue outbreak could spread to Cuba, USA

Fears dengue outbreak could spread to Cuba, USA

Fears that cholera, Zika, and polio could spread to Cuba are growing in Brazil and the world’s other big neighbors, according to a statement by the World Health Organization.

Brazil has about 6.2 million people, and at least 6,000 people have died from cholera this year in the most recent outbreak, health workers said. At least one other country, Colombia, is still struggling to recover from Zika.

The WHO statement warned, however, that “even though the public health situation in Brazil is improving, there is still a danger for the spread of disease” because of Brazil’s porous border with the neighboring Dominican Republic.

“Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has said repeatedly that she has a strong interest in securing control of its borders, but the authorities in her country do not have the capacity to adequately control the movement of foreign nationals who enter Brazil illegally,” said WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan. “In addition, the government must take a more active role in investigating all incidents and reporting cases of migrant health workers and those who have traveled to work in the country.”

The WHO, in the statement, urged countries and officials to take measures to stop people from sneaking into the country수원 출장 안마 to take advantage of the weak labor laws in Brazil. “An increase in the number of workers crossing illegally from Mexico, Central America and South America to work as migrant health workers increases the risk of spread of diseases, including cholera, Zika, and polio and other infections,” Chan said.

This month, the United States imposed new restrictions on the number of visas it would give to immigrants from countries like Cuba.

On the other hand, the United States announced this month it would expand an exchange of refugees among 15 African countries to bring more low-income immigrants into the United States with no cost to the U.S. taxpayers.

The situation in Latin America, which remains in flux, does not appear to be quite so dire. A new census by the census agency, the Bureau of Statisti성남출장안마 성남출장마사지cs, shows that Latin Americans have the highest rates of education, work experience, and job satisfaction, according to the U.S. Bureau of Population and International Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“We are seeing continued progress in countries of the region — in places like Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Panama — where the level of education and skill among the residents is just as high or higher than that in the Unit로투스 홀짝ed States,” sai