W league semi finals preview: ‘Munchie’ to make breakthrough

W league semi finals preview: ‘Munchie’ to make breakthrough

Munchie’s the manager you see wearing the red and white: ‘In training I want to be the best but when you play you lose your confidence. I know we’ll be up against some good sides in the second leg but I believe we’re here to get a result.’

With the second leg set to kick off on Sunday, the only question now is how the MCC can put together a strong enough start for their first competitive match since 2012.

Munchie: He’s not in the picture?

Tory: So does he feel like he’s바카라 스토리 got to stay?

He’s not the player we all thought he’d be, but 구리출장샵his form and confidence in both the team and in himself have been at an absolute high level this season, and Munchie is in the frame.

He looks set to be a regular sub in the centre of defence, and even after a slow start to the season he has emerg카니발 카지노ed as one of Spurs’ key players – even if he’s rarely featured as a central defender.