Islamic state leader’s convoy hit in air raid iraqi military convoy during offensive against iraqi regime, says U

Islamic state leader’s convoy hit in air raid iraqi military convoy during offensive against iraqi regime, says U.S. official, sources say.

“The U.S. military officials said yesterday that the attack on the al Qaida base in Iraq had killed at least three Iranian Revolutionary Guards.”

— Analecta, September 13th 2012

It is possible that some iraqi militia would never be a threat to America’s interests.

In case the Obama administration doesn’t consider that, they might.

Obama and Bush are the same and are running like an oligarchy and they’re both in it for the money.

And it’s all tied to a few guys in iraqi garb and whatnot.

They keep finding reasons to do things like the iraqi military convoy shooting in the air.

There are a couple of different ways to think about this;

the easiest would be that they would go and shoot and kill innocent civilians in Iran with U.S. planes.

This would work fine with an ally, so long as it doesn’t cause any direct blowback on the US.

But this way of thinking goes out the window if you keep giving them the money. (That’s why they don’t have to really pay them and all this military training that you have to do to keep the military going. It’s more useful to go and get some arms.)

And they could use this shooting to take out a large number of Iranians in other ways too.

To get an idea of what a mass shooting looks like, look at what happened last November.

The New York Times reported on a bomb attack in San Bernardino, CA that killed 14 people and wounded 21.

A Pentagon spokesman said that the attack was an “inside job” perpetrated by수원출장샵 the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization.

The New York Times further reported that the Islamic State, and not the terrorist group which was involved, was responsible.

We’re never going to get into the nuts and bolts of the problem with the US. In fact, we shouldn’t expect even the best things to change because of America’s이천출장안마 이천출장샵 continued hegemony. So we’re going to have to get through this one by one.

The Irresponsible War

Now that we’ve gone over the big issue of the bombing and the invasion of Iraq, what did our own politicians do then?

We saw more lies from Washington.

A) T로투스 홀짝he US government went on a war criminal progra