Reprehensible conduct and conduct that, if it could ever be substantiated, is a crime,” said attorney James L

Reprehensible conduct and conduct that, if it could ever be substantiated, is a crime,” said attorney James L. Dickey Jr., who represents the two brothers in their own civil case. “I could not be prouder to be representing them and their daughters.”

The couple was at a bar when it happened, Mr. Jones said. They had “some drinks” after work when they got to a bar, he said, then went up to a woman who then became friendly with Mr. Jones and the man in the back of the bar. She took pictures, then left before Ms. Zervos could tell Mr. Jones what she had seen.

In addition to an arrest warrant for Mr. Jones on charges of making criminal threats, the police also received a complaint in July from a woman who said she was sexually harassed by Mr. Jones at an event during which he spoke at a party and in front of his wife’s children. That night, Ms. Zervos told the police, Mr. Jones drove around her neighborhood and made inappropriate comments about her. At some point, Ms. Zervos went to슬롯 머신 the police, she said, but the man was nowhere to be found.

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Ms. Zervos was so nervous she didn’t want to go to the police to report the incident. But the police were called again on Aug. 15 and this time the men were arrested, Mr. Dickey said.

He called Mr. Jones “a hero,” but the brother who committed the crime also denied he was behind her alleged assault.

“I will tell you, I was so mad when I thought my brother was behind me — or the woman that was doing nothing but talking — that the reason I could not help my brother is that she was so angry, so upset,” said Mr. Jones, who did not answer the phone at his attorney’s office.


Marlene Sikes, of Bandera, said the boys she grew up with — a cousin and a younger brother, who she calls “Dad” — were always friendly with people they saw around town.

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